How To Delete WhatsApp Status Update – Android & iPhone

WhatsApp status update

Do you know how to delete an already uploaded WhatsApp status update. If you don’t, am going to show how to do that with your Android. WhatsApp has added a new featured that enables users to remove an already published WhatsApp status update. This does not apply to WhatsApp messages. The only alternative you are often left with, if you feel the need to edit a status or story update on this platforms, is to delete

Early before users finds it absolutely difficult to delete WhatsApp status update already uploaded, but now the new featured allows users do that.

How To Delete A WhatsApp Status Update On Android

  1. Launch the WhatsApp Application.
  2. Tap on the Status Tab.
  3. Tap on the horizontal dots (…) next to my status which signifies options. At this point, your status updates should be displayed.
  4. Then, tap and hold on the status update you’d like to delete
  5. Click on the delete icon displayed at the top.
  6. Finally, tap on delete to confirm deletion.

How To Remove A WhatsApp Status Update On iPhone

  • Launch WhatsApp
  • Tap on the Status Updates tab
  • Next, Tap on My Status
  • Tap on Edit
  • Tap on the status update (s) you want to delete
  • Thereafter, Tap on the delete option
  • Then, tap on Delete (number of status updates) status update to confirm deletion

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